PIANO SCALES: The ULTIMATE Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Piano scales for ABSOLUTE beginners. Here we go! Grab a coffee and join me in real time as we tick off the essentials and tackle your very first piano scale. This is the perfect starting point for beginners.

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=== This is a long video so here’s some helpful timestamps ===

1:09 – The absolute basics – never touched a key? start here!
3:49 – The C major scale (Hands Separately)
18:46 – The C major scale (Hands Together)
25:08 – The Magic ‘How to play any scale’ music theory
27:54 – The theory in action (working out the G major scale)
30:22 – The G major scale (Hands separately)
37:06 – The G Major Scale (Hands together)
40:51 – Play along with me (The G Major scale musical backing track)

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