Pop-style piano lesson, introduction

Learn pop-style piano incl. arranging bass, chords & melody in this lesson.
More pop piano tutorials : http://bit.ly/2CwbDtD
Sheet-music & midi files: https://christianssheetmusic.com/
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Yes, pop piano is an art form! It is not just playing chords and melody, ready you are!
Just like in classical piano or jazz we can play very different patterns to cover bass, chord & melody. Just like Mozart and Herbie Hancock in their piano styles we need interesting fills when the melody is resting, and so much more… All this serves one purpose: To create emotions- pop piano is there to make people feel! Sad, happy, or just like dancing.

We will start in this tutorial by introducing patterns for the left hand in a typical pop piano ballad- to free the right hand for the melody.

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