How To Play Piano in a Jazz BIG Band (7 Steps)

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How To Play Piano in a Jazz BIG Band (7 Steps)
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To play piano in a jazz big band can be both fun and challenging!
Here is a demonstration of what you could take into consideration if you’re playing in a jazz big band.

The steps mentioned in this lesson is

1. Prepare a lot for big band rehearsals.

2. Play the chords exactly like they are written. For example a G7(b9#11) should not be played as a G13

3. Play upper structure voicings to better stand out and get heard.

4. Support the soloist with suitable chords and syncopations. You could even drop out and let the guitarist do his job

5. Play three types of fills.
– The fills that are written in the sheet
– Call/response fills
– Improvised fills – if it fits with the rest of the band

6. Listen listen listen. Since there is not one right way to do things, you’ve got to listen to what is going on around you. That will help you improvise the voicings you’re playing

7. Get to know the arrangement. Especially the parts where you have a sol

Download the exercises for this lesson here:
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How To Play Piano in a Jazz BIG Band (7 Steps):

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