Piano Masterclass on Practising Correctly, Part 1

The first in a two-part masterclass: Graham Fitch’s in-depth piano lesson on Practising Correctly. He offers up some great tips. This lesson complements his full-length article inside Pianist No 79, which you can download here: https://pocketmags.com/pianist-magazine/pianist-79-august-september

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◼️ LESSON BY: GRAHAM FITCH – Pianist, teacher, writer and adjudicator gives masterclasses and workshops on piano playing internationally. He is also in high demand as a private teacher in London. Graham is a regular tutor at the Summer School for Pianists in Walsall and also a tutor for the Piano Teachers’ Course EPTA (UK). He writes a popular piano blog and has launched an online piano academy. https://practisingthepiano.com/​

◼️ FILMED AT: STEINWAY HALL – The masterclass takes place on a Steinway Model D concert grand at Steinway Hall, London http://www.steinwayhall.co.uk

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