One Chord = ENDLESS Harmonies: The Secret of Slash Chords 🎹🎶 (Piano Lesson)

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If you are looking to create some amazing-sounding harmonies, all you’ll need is one chord! With a few different bass notes and a variety of rhythms to make your music a bit more exciting, this lesson will give you the tools to start creating a zillion sounds and the confidence to sound like a pro while doing it!

Sam Vesely is a graduate from MacEwan University, with a Bachelor of Jazz and Contemporary Pop Music, with a major in Composition. As a very talented and experienced musician, Sam has composed, arranged, and conducted for groups such as MacEwan’s String Recording Ensemble, MacEwan’s Woodwinds Recording Ensemble, MacEwan’s Big Band Recording Ensemble, and Pro Coro.

0:00 – Intro performance
0:24 – What’s the secret?
1:08 – What are slash chords?
2:02 – The 1-6-4-5 progression
4:06 – Octaves add power and depth
5:15 – Getting creative outside of the progression
7:04 – Playing broken chords with your right hand
8:34 – Extra tips and tricks!
9:04 – Lesson Review
9:54 – Putting it all together

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