How To Make Your Left Hand as Good as Right Hand | Piano Lesson

If you are a right-hander, playing piano with your left hand is significantly harder than the right. The left just doesn’t ”follow your instructions” as well. Here are 4 ideas to help you to improve your left hand piano playing.

PS. Bach Prelude in C Minor isn’t an exercise per say, but I found it helpful to develop left hand technique. How? The right and left hand are playing the exact same semiquaver rhythms, so you can easily check if your left hand playing is accurate and in time with the right hand. I suggest practicing slowly and aiming to strike every left and right hand note 100% at the same time.

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0:00 LH playing is hard
1:05 Idea 1
3:26 Idea 2
5:03 Idea 3
6:56 Idea 4

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