One year of piano progress (as a 40-year-old beginner)

So I spent a year learning to play the piano. This video – the result of probably about 350-400 hours of practice – doesn’t even come close to some of the one-year progress videos out there, but I’m putting it up here as a record of my progress, and hopefully to inspire someone else to take a leap into starting something they’ve always wanted to do.

I messed around with a bunch of different songs that I couldn’t include in this video, and I’m planning to continue tweaking everything I worked on – as you can probably hear, my tempo and dynamics need work even on the stuff I can ‘play’. I used a bunch of resources, but some of the most useful were:

Jane’s Piano (YouTube channel)
Andrew Furmanczyk (YouTube channel)
Alfred’s Basic Level 1

I practised scales pretty much every day that I sat at the piano for at least the first eight months, and added in arpeggios and chord inversions after that. I also started reading music from my first day, although I didn’t practice that as much as I should have – planning much more of it over the next year. If you’ve got any more questions about technique/songs I learned, etc, please hit me up in the comments – and please subscribe to see future piano projects!

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