How to Play Walking Bass Lines 🎹😃 │ Jazz Piano Lesson │Left Hand Lines for Any Chord Progressions

Jazz Piano
How to Play Walking Bass Lines │ Jazz Piano Lesson
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In this video you’ll learn how to play walking bass lines with your left hand.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Non- walking bass
1:14 Walking bass
1:44 Bass player walking fast
2:49 Tip 1: Connect the chords.
4:10 Tip 2: Add extra notes to make the music fit
4:34 Tip 3: Think 3 types of chords = 3 different major scales
5:03 Maj7 chord = Major scale from the root
5:14 Min7 chord = Major scale down a whole step away from the root
5:36 Dom7 chord = Major scale up a 4th from the root
6:01 Tip 4: More than 2 chords in a bar? Add 4 tricks!
6:40 Trick 1/4: Half step above
7:15 Trick 2/4: Half step under
7:38 Trick 3/4: Whole step under
8:23 Trick 2/4: Whole step above
8:35 Tip 5: Play syncopated chords with your right hand
9:10 Tip 6: Play “Ghost notes” with your left hand
9:38 Tip 7: Play Arpeggios with your left hand
10:00 Tip 8: Play octaves with your left hand
10:15 Tip 9: Vary the range of where you’re playing your bass lines
10:45 Gjermund playing tune applying all the tips.
13:12 How I practice the walking bass lines.

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