Learn to Play Relaxing and Simple Piano Jazz

Jazz Piano
0:00 Demonstration
0:38 Introduction
1:12 The first chord (Am11)
1:54 How to play the chord
2:28 The second chord (Dm9)
3:08 Chromatic embellishments
3:54 The fourth chord (Dm11)
4:18 A transition chord (G7b9 to Cmaj7sus2)
4:55 Another transition chord (B7sus2 to Bbmaj9)
6:24 Ending on a 5-1 (E7#5#9 to Am9)
7:20 Running on pentatonic scales
8:16 Passing vs essential chords
9:45 The 5-1 progression

In this video I’ll show you to play a groovy little jazz chord progression on the piano. It’s not complicated at all and you can follow this lesson with or without music theory.

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