3 Notes to Sound Amazing Pt. 2 #Shorts

Here’s a clip from our most popular lesson! Lisa is here to show you how you can create a really beautiful, moody melody using only 3 notes in the right hand!

You’ll be able to play this if you don’t know anything about music. You’ll even be able to play this if you’re not a piano player (although you do need a piano lol).

We’ll be playing in the key of Am, and will use a simple chord progression of just four chords.

You’ll notice in this one that I’m playing 4 notes, not 3. BUT the 4th note is just a repeat of the same G note I played at the top. So we are still only using 3 notes – we’re just repeating one of them.

I love how versatile this melody line is, and I would really encourage you to try it in different keys. A good key to move to is E minor, because there is only one sharp. So for Em, the chord progression would be Em – C – D – Bm, and the notes to play in the right hand would be F#-G-D.

Try it out! What I love about this is how simple it is, yet it creates such a beautiful mood and feeling. Music doesn’t have to be super complicated or advanced for us to be able to express ourselves.

So give it a go!

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