How to play ‘Interstellar’ 🎹✨ (Cornfield Chase) Complete Piano Tutorial

Ready to learn a stunning piece of music? It’s one of the most popular pieces to perform in the world– whether in concert halls or in on TikTok; this theme from Interstellar starts simple and builds into something a bit more complex to challenge your fingers.

Don’t worry, Lisa is here to guide you every step of the way!

0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – Getting started
2;16 – Bars 5 to 9
3:10 – Bars 13 to 20
4:00 – Bars 21 to 28
6:43 – Finger stretch break!
7:22 – Bars 29 to 36
8:53 – Bars 37 to 44
10:55 – The beautiful part!! Bars 45 to 56
16:17 – Tips and tricks
8:13 – Performance

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I love to help students unlock their full musical potential. I have taught in a wide variety of settings from Music for Young Children to helping recording artists prepare their songs for the road. I also have specialized experience working with children that struggle with learning, developmental, and physical disabilities. While my background is classical, I’m currently focusing on helping my students play the music they love by ear! I’m excited to be a part of YOUR journey as you learn how to sight read, play by ear, and progress through musical theory. It is going to be fun!
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